Filipino entrepreneur recognized in the United States

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Nina Obana-Rodecker

“Think big, think big, this is America. Think bigger,” was the advice that Nina Obana-Rodecker is telling Filipinos who also want to start their own business in the United States, a report from ABS-CBN’s Balitang America said.

Known in the Los Angeles area for her cotton candy business, which she named Rodecker’s Tasty Clouds Candy Company, Obana-Rodecker is one of the entrepreneurs invited to Washington D.C. to encourage Americans to start their own businesses and help the recovering economy of the land of milk and honey.

It has been 10 years since she immigrated to the United States and three years since she started her business. A business she started because she was craving for cotton candy during her pregnancy.

While her thriving cotton candy business is a world away from her humble entrepreneurial beginnings when she sold mangoes and shrimp paste during her elementary years in the Philippines, she knows the importance of being an entrepreneur.

“We have to support small businesses started by entrepreneurs because small business accounts for ¾ of the economy, of course more small businesses, more jobs, better economy,” Obana-Rodecker told Balitang America in an interview.

Obana-Rodecker gives a lot of credit to her Filipino heritage for her success in business, saying “First and foremost, they should work on their passion. We Filipinos are very persevering, we are very determined so those are good qualities that would really turn to successful business.”

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source: (July 15, 2011)


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