Advantages Of Internet Banking

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Are customers being forced towards use of internet banking for the convenience of the banks and big business? Or do customers really benefit from banking on-line?  

Internet banking does offer many benefits for both banks and their customers.  So the banks are doing what they can to encourage customers to try it.

1. An internet banking account is simple to open and use. 

You just enter a few answers to questions in a form while sitting comfortably in your own home or office. To access your account, you establish security measures such as usernames and passwords. To complete the set up of your account, you just print, sign and send in a form.

2. Internet banking costs less. 

Because there are fewer buildings to maintain, and less involvement by salaried employees, there is a much lower overhead with online banks.   These savings  allow them to offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and lower lending rates and service charges.

Even traditional brick and mortar banks offer better deals such as free bill paying services to encourage their customers to do their banking online.

3. Comparing internet banks to get the best deal is easy. 

In a short time, you can visit several online banks to compare what they offer re savings and checking account deals as well as their interest rates.

Other things you can easily research are what credit cards are available, credit card interest rates, loan terms and the banks own rating with the FDIC.

4. Bouncing a check (accidentally) should be a thing of the past because you can monitor your account online any time, day or night. 
You can track your balance daily, see what checks have cleared and when and know when automatic deposits and payments are made. This is all possible by simply going online to the banks website and logging into your account.

5. You can keep your account balanced using your computer and your monthly statement. 
Your bank account information can be downloaded into software programs such as Microsoft Money or Quicken, making is easy to reconcile your account with just a few mouse clicks. The convenience of the data capture online makes it much easier to budget and track where your money goes. Your internet bank account even allows you to view copies of the checks you have written each month.

6. With the ability to view your account at anytime, it is easier to catch fraudulent activity in your account before much damage is done. 
As soon as you log into your account, you will quickly see whether there is anything amiss when you check on your deposits and debits. If anyone writes a check or withdraws funds from your account and you know it wasn't you, you will see it right away. This lets you get started on correcting the problem immediately rather than having to wait a month to even have a clue it is happening as would be the case with a traditional bank.

7. Internet banking offers a great deal more convenience than you could get from a conventional bank. 
You aren't bound by 'banker's hours' and you don't have to go there physically in your car. Time is not wasted when you have work to do because you can do your office's banking without leaving the office. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can easily manage your money.

There are sound reasons why internet banking is growing. The economic advantages have encouraged banks to provide an increasing range of easy to use services via the internet.

Customers have found doing business online simple and speedy and have become very comfortable with the arrangement. Internet banking gives people more control over their money in a very convenient way that they find enjoyable and reassuring.

5 money-making ideas using a printer

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When you bought a desktop computer there was a printer included in the package, but aside from the one or two pages that you print once in a while, your printer is just there, sitting idly and gathering dust.

Why haven't you used it as a tool for business? It can be a money-making opportunity that you can start in the comfort of your own home or as a profitable sideline business. While your printing business may start small - with a personal laserjet or inkjet printer - its potential to grow into a flourishing business is possible.

The printing business can vary from printing a document or two to printing customized products, to even the large scale billboard printing.
Printer for internet cafes and business centers
People value convenience so there will always be a demand for printing services in internet cafes and business centers. 
The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K110a offers users with outstanding print quality that’s ideal for everyday printing needs.
A compact and easy-to-use device, this device lets users print, scan and copy in one sleek device. It features print resolutions of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi for clearer documents and images. 
Copy center
Do you live near schools and offices? Then opening a small copy center where you can offer services for bulk copying and printing is a good idea.
The HP Officejet Advantage 4500 All-in-One is an affordable flatbed all-in-one printer also features up to 28 pages per minute (ppm) for black documents and 22 ppm for color prints for quick print results, and lets users enjoy fast fax speeds of 3 seconds per page with up to 33.6kbps connection. 

Party and events invitation maker
Birthdays, parties and other events will always need invitations and posters that are professionally made. 
The HP LaserJet M1536dnf Multifunction Printer is a useful alternative to meet an array of business needs and budget requirements with its print, scan, copy and fax capabilities. Equipped with HP ePrint technology, users can email print jobs for convenient printing anywhere business takes them. It also offers two-sided printing with a 35-page automatic document feeder for 50 percent less paper consumption.
Outdoor signage
Have a knack for text and design? Then you can cater to local businesses looking for affordable signage options for advertising.
HP Designjet L25500 produces outdoor signage with durability comparable to eco-solvent inks. Achieve high-quality results—that meet clients’ branding requirements—for all your indoor signage applications, from exhibition graphics to interior decorations.

Personalized giveaways
People love giving and receiving personalized gifts for various occasions. Stand out from the crowd this holiday season by offering unique and customized gifts for giveaways.
HP SCITEX LX800 is a great printer for customized POP displays, light boxes, soft signage, customized wall paper and other interior decorations, and vehicle wraps.

source: (September 21, 2011)

Uncle Sam's New, $5M Incubator for Student Entrepreneurs

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A lot of great business ideas lurk in the halls and research labs of science and engineering schools at America's colleges and universities. Now, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has formed a public-private partnership that will put $5 million toward getting more ideas out of the research phase and launched as successful business startups.
Here are the details:
The NSF's new Innovation-Corps, or I-Corps, program plans to identify 100 great research-stage ideas in the coming year and give each training, support services, mentoring and $50,000 toward commercialization. The program's goals: turn research into useful technology, encourage better collaboration between academia and industry and provide students more opportunities to learn about business basics.
The training program will be modeled after the groundbreaking Lean LaunchPad course taught for the first time at Stanford last spring. The course emphasized rapid testing of multiple hypotheses about the business using ample market research to find the most viable business model quickly.
Stanford lecturer Steven Blank, who created the LaunchPad class, is among the instructors for a planned I-Corps training class scheduled for October to December at Stanford.
"This is a potential game changer for science and innovation in the United States," Blank wrote in a recent blog post. "And it will lead to more startups and job creation."
Private partners in the new program include the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and theDeshpande Foundation, which both seek to foster entrepreneurship.
There is a lot of incubator activity on college campuses already, and this new program may stimulate more private-sector programs.
For those interested in learning more, the NSF has set up a website with the program information and is holding monthly information Webinars on first Tuesdays. At a time when the federal government has taken heat for bailing out big banks with billions while arguably giving small businesses short shrift, the formation of I-Corps seems like a small, but positive development.

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Online Retailing

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If you believe you can make it big buying and selling items on the Internet, the following may be of help:

 1. Gain the public’s trust.
The first step to making sales, whether on or offline, is gaining the trust of your public. Someone won’t buy from you if they don’t think that you’re going to deliver. You can earn your customer’s trust by maintaining professionalism, clear business operations, and checks and balances for those transacting on your website.

2. Education is key.
Online sites are relatively new and unfamiliar marketplaces, so expect to deal with users with a limited grasp of Internet knowings. You, as a seller or website owner, should know how to handle errors and to troubleshoot, more so the products being marketed on your site. Be patient with any comments and questions, as well, as customers will require a lot of support.

3. Keep it simple.
The internet is known for its accessibility, ease of use, and speed; make sure you don’t turn off potential customers by making the buying or selling process complicated. Maintain quick and easy transactions, and always keep in mind that buying online is a convenient alternative to actual buying

Meat Shop Business

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To succeed in the meat shop business, you ned a source of high-quality meats, a high-traffic location, and offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. And while there are a lot of players, experts say there is room for more.

Starting a MEAT SHOP 101

If you have the chops for starting and managing ameat shop business, you would do well to consider the following:

1. Your Location
Choose a good, high-traffic location with ample parking. Venues near wet markets and vehicle terminals are good choices, as long as you are controlling quality inside your store.

2. Your customers
Set yourself apart from competition by fostering a good relationship with clients. Customers who feel cared for will most likely turn into loyal clients.

3. Your pricing
Meat shops offer a guarantee of good quality at wet market prices.

4. Your workers
Pay your workers competitive wages and give benefits and incentives. This is the way to have motivated people who will treat your customers like royalty.

Buying a franchise? Look before you leap!

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The statistics on the success rate of franchise businesses are encouraging, but Brendon Yu’s success story is not for everyone to tell. Before deciding, ask yourself the following:

1. What’s your personality?

“Understand that franchising… may not be for you,” John P. Hayes told a seminar on the A-Z of buying a franchise at the International Franchise Expo in Washington, DC, last April. In franchising, it’s the franchiser who creates, tests, and maintains the system and the franchisees follow it.  :If you’re not a follower, you’re not going to be a good franchisee”.

Before you decide to invest in a franchise, look at yourself and your personal needs. What do you want to do? Will your reasons for getting a franchise sustain your long-term interest in the business? “Do not put yourself in a situation where your needs will not be met,” Hayes said.

2. What is the future of this business?

“All franchises are not created equal, “Hayes said. “Some are better than others; your job is to seek out the better ones.”

Just because more than 90 percent of all franchise businesses survive does not mean every concept is going to make it. Look deeply into the specific opportunity that interests you. Don’t rely solely on broad franchising statistics. “What matters is the success and survival rate of the franchise concept you want, “ said Hayes.

Look at the potential of that franchise in your target market. Do people in your area use its product or service? How do they use it? If your market requires you to change the system for the concept to succeed there, forget the opportunity.

3. How do you like the franchiser?

Make it a point to meet the franchiser and see if you’re going to like the people you will be dealing with. According to Yu, the franchiser must be trustworthy and have time to listen and attend to his franchisees’ needs.

4. How many franchisees do you know?

Get to know as many as you can. “This is probably the most important step in the process,” said Hayes. Beware of franchisers who claim you don’t need to visit franchisees because you can just as easily observe how the business operates in the head office or a company-owned outlet.

Ask the franchisees you meet these questions: Can you trust the franchiser? Will you buy the same franchise again? How helpful is the operations manual? Is the training good? How much money can you really make? Are the fees the franchiser collects justifiable?

5. Are you up to crunching numbers?

The franchise fee is an upfront payment that will give you access to the franchiser’s system. It will also grant you the use of his brands.

The royalty fee, which is a percentage of gross sales, is remitted to the franchiser who uses it to finance ce his operations and profits from it. When a franchiser says he will not collect royalty, ask him how he will make a profit and provide the support that his franchisees will need.

The advertising fee—usually one to three percent of gross sales—is collected to build a fund for the system’s advertising and marketing programs. The reason behind it is that it will be more expensive for the branches to launch an advertising campaign if they were to do it individually.

Aside from the franchise fee, royalty and advertising fees, there are other costs you will incur when you buy a franchise. You may have to lease space and improve it. You may also have to invest in furniture and fixtures, supplies and training. Plan for how you’re going to survive until the business makes money.

6. Can you write a business plan?

Some franchisers will require you to do your own market study and to create your own business plan. Even if they don’t ask for it, do it just the same—it will help you navigate your course once you go ahead and get a franchise. After all, it’s your time and money that you will be investing.

Where the Dough is

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Doughnuts are so easy to make and sell, says Erlinda Ferrer-Soriano, lecturer at the ESF Cakes and Bread House. Mothers who usually prepare their kids "merienda" can shoot two birds with one stone by preparing more than their kids' needs to earn more. Sell to friends and neighbors, tap coffee shops and offer doughnuts for concession, or accept orders.

Refilling With A Mission

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Get in the cartridge refilling business and do your bit to protect the environment at the same time. Because Cartridge World gives users the maximum number of refills for their cartridges, it reduces the number of cartridges that end up in landfills. As a franchisor, Cartridge World provides a full range of services to  meet the printing needs of both the consumer and business sectors. Aside from the opportunity to operate a business that cares for the environment, the franchisee immediately benefits from the use of an established business name, trademark and proven business system; strong brand recognition and administratve support; ongoing training, advice and support, and the high-growth potential of the business being a market leader in a thriving industry. For further information, visit

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