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Who say’s you can’t put up a high-quality food cart business under P30,000 or less?  Are  you curious enough to know how much investment needed to put up high-end food carts that sell popular food concept nowadays? Well, two of the most popular cart today that sells only siomai and gulaman will initially cost you P280,000 for the cart and its basic equipment alone. Another popular cart that sells only waffle will cost you P300,000.
Yes, let’s admit, their product is affordable and tastes good but I don’t really get the idea of shelling that much money when you can have your own food cart concept with the same taste and quality for a fraction of the amount.
Of course, there are some food cart companies that offer between P40,000 to P50,000 or even under P30,000, but it merely acts as a front for their MLM scheme. The bulk of the price goes to paying their “network” of people,  so you end up with over-priced and over-hyped foodcart package and products.
If you will not check and scrutinize the package, you will found out later that you were short changed. Most of these companies will not give after-sales support after taking your money. And worse, the products that you’re supposed to sell are not really competitive as promised. Most, if not all, cart with this price range looks like a cardboard box — a few metal poles wrapped with only a tarpaulin. A moderate gust of wind will blow this cart away!
The Real Deal
But, where can you really find an honest-to-goodness start-up foodcart business that will not shortchange you with your P30k investment? Ice Scramble foodcart business is a good example. You can put-up this business and start operation in just two weeks, everything you need is there — ice crusher machine, mixer, initial products, a high quality cart, training, etc. Simply provide a good location and a sales crew, and you’re all set.
Running a foodcart business is not rocket science, it’s even easier to operate this than running a sari-sari store. Return of investment (ROI) is normally 2-4 months, provided of course that your location has at least moderate foot traffic. Your involvement as an owner should be 100%. Yes, complete hands-on or at least checking your cart a few hours a day, if you have a trusted crew.
The Market
What if after sometime, the expected sales are not met anymore? Short answer — change concept. The bulk of your initial investment goes to cart fabrication. If you plan to sell burger instead, simply buy a burger griller for less than P2,000, and you have now a new concept! Another option is to “relocate.”
As of the moment, the most popular food concept in the market are siopao, siomai, burger, noodle, fries, ice scramble, shakes, waffle, rice toppings, dumplings, and nachos. Selling price for these products is between P20 to 50, price that are affordable to people from all walks of life – the “masa price.”
Is the market already saturated with foodcarts? No. As long as people need to eat food and multiply, you will never run out of target market.
To sum up, you can choose a foodcart concept, all-in, and ready to operate in 2 weeks for P29,900. Profit margin is 50-100% and ROI is 2-4 months.
For more information, contact:
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The trend in the food cart business continues to go bloom. Having a food cart business makes you your own manager.
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