Meat Shop Business

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To succeed in the meat shop business, you ned a source of high-quality meats, a high-traffic location, and offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. And while there are a lot of players, experts say there is room for more.

Starting a MEAT SHOP 101

If you have the chops for starting and managing ameat shop business, you would do well to consider the following:

1. Your Location
Choose a good, high-traffic location with ample parking. Venues near wet markets and vehicle terminals are good choices, as long as you are controlling quality inside your store.

2. Your customers
Set yourself apart from competition by fostering a good relationship with clients. Customers who feel cared for will most likely turn into loyal clients.

3. Your pricing
Meat shops offer a guarantee of good quality at wet market prices.

4. Your workers
Pay your workers competitive wages and give benefits and incentives. This is the way to have motivated people who will treat your customers like royalty.


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